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TDI Vector Kriss Super V

Posted on: Mei 21, 2010

The Kriss Super V submachine gun was developed by Transformational Defense Industries (TDI). It is currently an experimental weapon. The name Kriss comes from “Kriss” refers to a Southeast Asian fighting dagger. This weapon is intended to provide operators with improved control over accuracy and bullet dispersion, in both semi-automatic and full automatic modes, while firing hard-hitting .45 ACP ammunition.

This submachine gun is fitted with “Picatinny” rails for ample mounting space for accessories, including sights, flashlights and laser-aiming modules. This submachine gun also has a side-folding stock, for better accuracy.

Caliber = .45 ACP
Cartridge type = 11.43 x 23 mm
Dimensions and weight
Total weight (with empty magazine) = 2.18 kg
Overall length = 635 mm
Length (with folded buttstock) = 406 mm
Barrel length = 140 mm
Fire characteristics
Rate of fire = 800 – 1 000 rpm
Practical rate of fire = 40 – 120 rpm
Magazine capacity = 28 or 30 rounds
Range of effective fire = 100 m

Kriss SV ini jga senjata Andalan saya digame Point Blank, 😀


Sumber : http://freedomoffreespeech.blogspot.com


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